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The Merritt Country Run will take place on Sunday, June 14th, 2020. This run is amazing and has more to offer than you can imagine. It has everything from a gently run around the track to a challenging route bringing runners through the city streets of Merritt, majestic countryside and across the hills of Merritt.

5 K
This is our most popular event. The course is a nice flat run through downtown Merritt finishing up with a nice stretch beside the Coldwater River. People not only run this route but others walk, push a baby stroller or walk their dog. If you are a serious runner we put you at the front of the start line. m.
10 K
This is a challenging run as there are hills along the route. The beginning part of the route goes through downtown and then heads out to a rural area.(the first hill). This area has many small acreages which highlights the beauty of country living. What goes up must come down as you descend down through the city’s industrial area. Your second hill takes you up to fantastic views of the City. Finally, you will cruise by the Coldwater River to the finish line.
Half Marathon
This is not your Stanely Park Seawall Run. Your first kilometer goes by the Coldwater River where it joins the Nicola River. You encounter your first hill that offers magnificent views of the golf course, Rotary Park, Central Park and the grassland hills. You pass by a nice pine forest on your way to downtown. After passing through downtown you will be out on the rural area, following the 10K route. At approximately the 13K mark you will leave the City behind and join the peacefulness of the Nicola Valley. The view of the ranchlands, rivers and mountains is spectacular. Near the 16K mark you will be heading back towards town and finish your run along the rambling Coldwater River.
Twice Around the Track
This run is for the little ones or the young at heart. Parents are encouraged to run with their children. Everyone is a winner in this race.

Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Merritt Country Run because without them there could not be a run!

Volunteers needed for all of the following:

  • Running the water stations
  • Cheer leading
  • Assisting with registration
  • Field set up and take down
  • Course set up and take down
  • Handing out medals
  • Race package preparation
  • Post race clean up
  • Course patrol (bike or motor bike)
  • Fruit preparation
  • Runner directors

If you add all that up it comes to about 75 people.  If you are interested, please register here:

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